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  • Time Estimate: 4 hours
  • Physical Rating: Easy/Moderate

For an overview of the site's archaeology, we recommend the Commissariat Store Museum (32). This is open to the public from 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.

Then check out the other highlights along Quality Row—the House Museum at Number 10 (38) and the house ruins at Numbers 2 – 4 (41).

Also on Quality Row is the Research Centre at Number 9 (39), where for a small entry fee you can explore the house and general history resources, and out find about convict ancestors.

Currently, Numbers 5–8 Quality Row (40) are private accommodation, but these abodes—along with all the houses on Quality Row—were built to house civil and military offices and clergy.

Make your way to the Cemetery (44) located at the end of Quality Row.

Spend some time exploring the headstones, including those from the first and second convict settlements, and learn about the story of Murderers' Mound (45), located on the far side of the fence at the edge of the cemetery.